<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="65001"%> The Good & Bad of a French Bulldog

Before your PURCHASE a French Bulldog LEARN

This hilarious little dog makes a wonderful playmate and is very affectionate. Alert and clingy, this breed does require lots of human attention to thrive. While I love them and ALL their little antics a french bulldog is not for everyone so I highly recommend you do your homework before you purchase. Remember, this is not a pair of shoes or a purse so research and be patient DO NOT BUY on a whim...

NOT EXTREMELY ENERGETIC - Not too energetic, these dogs do very well in the city. A daily walk and some play in the garden or living room is enough exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Do be careful when the temperatures outside are rising. If your house or apartment doesn't have an ac unit, provide your French Bulldog with extra water and a cooling pad. Because of their short muzzle they have trouble regulating their temperature, which can cause heatstroke in warm weather.

NOT A BREED YOU CAN GO JOGGING WITH OR HIKING - Because of their short muzzle they have trouble regulating their temperature, which can cause heatstroke in warm weather.

THEY SNORE - The short nose is also responsible for one of their specific traits; snoring. Keep this in mind if you're going to share your bedroom with your frenchie, he might keep you up at night. Most French Bulldogs snort, snuffle, wheeze, grunt, and snore loudly. The sounds are endearing to some people; nerve-wracking to others.

STUBBORN - Training can be a bit of a struggle as they tend to be a little stubborn. Being firm and consistent will help you a long way in establishing yourself as your frenchie's boss. French Bulldogs tend to resist being told what to do, and housebreaking is no exception. Expect four to six months of consistent crate training.

FART - They fart and as they age it gets worse. Gassiness (flatulence) that can send you running for cover. Fortunately, French Bulldogs who are fed a a good diet have less gas than those whom are not.

NEEDY - This is not a breed you can thow out in the backyard and leave them. They thrive on human contact and interaction. They love children and get along pretty well with other dogs. This is not a kennel breed and should always be kept in a family environment. Given proper socialization the French Bulldog can do well with other dogs, but should not be around small children, as they do not tolerate rough. They do not require being in your face rather near you or at your feet.

NOT a GUARD DOG - Although they may bark when a stranger comes to visit, they will typically warm right up to a stranger. They are not a yappy barking breed either as they will typically bark if they are alerted to something new!

SCREAM - Some frenchies, not all are screamers and if they are not getting your attention they will scream until they get it.

SHED - Although a shorthaired dog, French Bulldogs shed. If they are bathed and brushed on a consistent basis they will shed much less.

If you don't mind a little drooling, snorting, snoring, wheezing and yes, some flatulence problems, then the French Bulldog dog breed is definitely worth considering.

SMALL - A frenchie is small and can go pretty much anywhere with you.

CUTE FACTOR - A round-headed and short-faced, with large expressive eyes little clown dog that LOVES to play no matter how old he/she gets.

GROOMING - Frenchies have a short easy-care coat that comes in many colors. The occasional bath, brush and nail trimming is all a frenchie needs.

HAPPY & GETS ALONG WITH OTHERS - A frenchie typically is amiable with everyone and enjoys having a playmate.

EXERCISE - Frenchies make great apartment dogs as they do not need much exercise.

LITTLE BARKING - Frenchies are not "yappy" they will bark when startled or when a stranger comes to visit and only some do this others never make a peep.